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White Nationalist Anti-Immigration Attack on Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh
by Webster Bernell Brooks, III
Shouting “All these Jews need to die” as he entered Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday morning, Robert Bowers, unleashed mayhem, and murder on innocent worshipers. Brandishing an AR-15 assault rifle and three revolvers, Bower left eleven dead and six injured, including four law enforcement officers.

Bowers is yet another committed White Nationalist terrorist, that are emerging with increased frequency from the sewer systems of Trump’s Make America White Again infrastructure project. 

Ironically, four days earlier Trump had “officially” declared himself a “nationalist,” at a Houston campaign rally. Rebuking Trump as a “nationalist,” Bowers posted a message on GAB social media on Thursday, saying “Trump is a globalist. Not a Nationalist. For the record, I did not vote for him. nor did I own, worn or even touched a MAGA hat.”  

Bowers is correct, but that hardly absolves Trump of culpability of stoking an atmosphere of pro-white, race-based, cultural warfare and violence. Bowers was suggesting that the Sun King’s white nationalism lacks authenticity. The true white nationalist agenda in Bowers view, must be exacted through violence, if necessary. 

As Alt-Black.com has repeatedly observed, “Trump is an ignorant, unstable, racist, demagogue. He’s not a fascist, white nationalist, or Alt-Right subscriber. Rather, he is their useful idiot and enabler. Devoid of any ideological compass, Trump is a base autocrat in search of a mob to maintain power.” 

Bowers social media postings bear all the hallmarks of today’s White Nationalist trend. Bowers anti-Semitism isn’t just your boilerplate anti-Jewish vitriol replicating German Nazi propaganda. White Nationalists hatred of Jews in the Cathedral (America) is particularistic. Specifically, they blame Jews –as Bowers did--for the dramatic change in America’s immigration policy after 1965.

Just minutes before walking into the Tree of Life, Bowers posted this message, “Why hello there HIAS! You like to bring in hostile invaders to dwell among us? HIAS likes to bring invaders in that kill our people. I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.” 

His attack on HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), a Jewish organization that to works to bring Jews and other refugees to the United States is revelatory. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, known as the Hart-Celler Act abolished the quota system that since the 1920’s had restricted immigration from Asia and Africa, Southern and Eastern Europe. Instead, the act gave preference to white northern and western Europeans. Before 1965, 70% of all legal immigrants to the U.S. were white. By 1990, 83 percent of all legal immigrants were non-white.  

The Jewish connection to immigration debate began in the 1930s, as Jews began fleeing Nazi persecution in Europe. Jewish organizations and elected officials appealed to the U.S. government to accept displaced European Jews as “refugees.” At that time, the term had no legal meaning under U.S. law, and they were denied. 

According to White Nationalist theoretician Kevin McDonald, the period between 1924-1965, known to Jews as the “Immigration Pause,” was viewed as a moral and political catastrophe. In the Jewish collective memory, the Cathedral’s (America’s) refusal to accept Jewish immigrants, condemned thousands, if not millions to die in Nazi concentration camps during World War 2.  

It was only in the aftermath of World War 2, and the revelations of the Holocaust horrors, that President Truman’s Directive liberalized immigration policy, allowing between 35,000 –40,000 Jews to be admitted as “Displaced Persons.” Once the immigration door opened, Jews played a pivotal advocacy role as Refugee Status was granted to increased numbers of Jews. Over the next four decades, Refugee Status was conferred on Hungarians, Cubans, South Vietnamese, Cambodian and Latinx refugees.  

White Nationalists liken the changes in immigration and refugee policy to an invasion of non-European black, brown, and yellow hordes. Like the current “Honduran Caravan” invasion, —White Nationalists assert the Cathedral’s white ethno-nationalist culture and dominance is now subject to an existential threat. Some even call it “soft genocide,” as we edge closer to 2044--the year whites are projected to become a minority population in America. 

White Nationalists theory lays the blame for the shift in U.S. policy immigration squarely at the doorstep of Jews. They insist that for decades, only Jewish activists and intellectuals consistently advocated and invested resources to expand Refugee Status and immigration policy. Once that was achieved, they charge Jewish activists then supported expanding the immigration system for Asians, African and Latinx refugees, and immigrants. 

So why did Jews work for the expansion of immigration policy for Global South immigrants? White Nationalists say the Jewish strategy was to increase the number of non-European whites in the United States as a way decrease the political power of whites to enact anti-Jewish and anti-Israel public policy. Moreover, supporting immigration for people of color, was the gateway for Jewish intellectuals to promote multi-culturalism—another vector, white nationalists believe has undermined the dominance of white ethno-nationalist culture. 

In the white ethno-nationalist’s litany of grievances, Jews were also the vanguard of left socialists and communists’ parties across the globe; Jews are the driving force of the U.S. Neo-conservative globalist movement; Jews dominated American public opinion through control of America’s leading newspapers, and Jews dominated American culture as owners of Hollywood’s major cinema companies. The list goes on. Need we say more?

As for the Sun King Trump, his reaction to the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in American history was predictable. He condemned Anti-Semitism and called for the death penalty for the perpetrator. As usual, whenever there is a mass shooting, he suggested that if the synagogue had an armed guard this tragedy may have been avoided. There was no need to revisit gun safety laws. There was no bi-partisan unifying call for the Cathedral’s political leadership to cool down the heated rhetoric. In Trump’s words this was simply the act of a wacko.  

Ever the transactional Tribal Leader in Chief, Trump's response was calibrated to salvage the 30 percent of the Jewish vote he received in the 2016 election, although half of all Orthodox Jews casts ballots for him. Trump had hoped to increase that percentage by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  

For Alternative Black Nationalists and the Black Nationalist movement, the mass shooting in Pittsburg serves as a reminder that we are not the only target of the growing White Nationalists offensive. It underscores the accelerating pace of events that is pushing the Cathedral towards a seminal crisis point. 

Alt-Black.com condemns the attack on the Jewish community and the Tree of Life synagogue. We extend our condolences to the friends and family of the deceased and the injured.  

White Nationalist Anti-Immigration Attack on Jewish ​