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Birthright citizenship in America is a white man’s prerogative. It always has been. Donald Trump’s recent threats to eviscerate the 14th Amendment’s birthright citizenship clause, seeks to restore whites to their state of nature; illusions of full spectrum dominance over people of color.   

At the Cathedral's (America's) creation in Philadelphia, the founding fathers drafted a constitution that was curiously silent on the qualifications for citizenship. Blacks were enslaved and indigenous natives were being exterminated. 

Thus, the founders adherence to the principle of 'jus soli' (right of the soil)—if you were born there, you were a citizen there---was a grotesque hypocrisy that warranted subterfuge, even if cloaked in omission and British common law.      
Almost 250 years later, birthright citizenship is now being pilloried by the Sun King Trump as the vector of illegal immigration. In White Nationalist tropes, streaming hordes of brown immigrants crossing the border to give birth to children in America, poses an existential threat to the white race.  

Undoubtedly, Trump raised the birthright citizenship issue to divert attention from the  attempted pipe bombings and the massacre of Jews in Pittsburgh last week by white nationalists? And yes, he's using the birthright citizenship to stoke his white nationalist social base before the mid-term elections. But that misses the point. 

'The Heresy' at Alt-Black.com has no quarrel with those who feel it's unlikely Trump can modify the 14th Amendment by executive order. Nor are the prospects favorable that a lower court or the Supreme Court would uphold such a change to the 14th Amendment. 

Here again, that may be missing the point. Re-framing the legality of birthright citizenship, and making it a legitimate issue for debate would be a significant short-term victory for White Nationalists and the Alt-Right. 

One only has to surf the web this week to get a sense of how widespread the commentary on birthright citizenship is. The internet is littered with articles from legal scholars and editorials arguing over the interpretation of what "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" means.

Immigration--legal and illegal--is the signature issue for White Nationalists in America and the European 'New Right.' In as much as White Nationalism, like fascism, is a call to action, White Nationalists thrive on immigration because it serves as an anchor for white  identity and inflames tribal passions. 

For these reasons, Trump will revisit immigration in all its manifestations as the life sustaining force of his White Nationalist project. Sanctuary cities, increased border patrols, building the wall, eliminating DACA, restricting legal immigration from non-white countries, cutting benefits for the undocumented, and immigration internment camps (tent cities) are the furniture of the Sun King's dungeon of comprehensive immigration reform.     

If ten percent more whites agree with Trump on birthright citizenship next month than did yesterday, that's a victory for the Alt-Right. From Alt-Black.com's perspective, we've entered a pre-revolutionary period of intense race-based cultural warfare. Transforming the atmosphere, and shaping the cultural domain to influence future battles is the coin of the realm for the White Nationalists movement. 

That said, the Darker Nation cannot be naïve about Trump's crusade against immigrants, and his attempt to modify or eliminate birthright citizenship. 'The Heresy' at Alt-Black.com wishes to remind the Darker Nation that we gained birthright citizenship through the passage of the very same 14th Amendment in 1868. 

Citizenship for Blacks, however, has never been fully vested in the estate of the Cathedral's constitutional republic. Our citizenship status and its attendant rights are provisional. In other words, our status and rights are subject to change by federal legislation, the Supreme Court, or even the whims of a racist autocrat cum-president.   Once  the door to re-examine the 14th Amendment is thrown open, the "legal" status of the Darker Nation is at peril along with birthright citizenship for immigrants.   

If Blacks were fully vested citizens, the right to vote and hold office secured in 1870, would not have been rescinded when Reconstruction was crushed in 1876. If we had full citizenship, there'd be no need for the Brown vs. Board of Education decision in 1954, or the Civil Rights Act and Fair Housing Act of the sixties. In the 2018 elections, the Darker Nation is  still confronted with blatant and insulting efforts to suppress our vote. Such is our provisional status. 

Like undocumented immigrants, Blacks freed from slavery by 13th Amendment in 1865, languished in post-Civil War America for three years with no legal status. The one guarantee that 14th Amendment birthright citizenship conferred on the Darker Nation was protection against forced removal, which is what undocumented immigrants treasure most. 

As we now know, President Lincoln continued to broker backroom deals with foreign governments to re-settle freed slaves in the colonies of Guyana, Surinam and Belize right up to his assassination in 1865. 

As Alternative Black Nationalists, 'The Heresy" opposes White Nationalist invective that scapegoats immigrants, demands forced deportations, and the hate campaigns like the 'Caravan' scare orchestrated by the Sun King Trump. 

We also oppose U.S. support for despotic regimes like that of Juan Orlando Hernandez in Honduras that are the catalyst for immigration exodus. Hernandez was defeated in national elections in 2017, but with the Trump's administration's support, the Honduran election results were overturned. 

Since the Honduran military coup in 2009, Honduras has became one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. Opposition leaders, journalists, students, LGBT and feminist activists have all been victimized by its criminal regime. Honduran cities have the highest homicide rates in the world, out-migration has surged, state-sanctioned organized crime is rampant, and democratic institutions have been wiped out. 

Whether Trump moves forward with an executive order allowing federal agencies to nullify the citizenship of children born in the U.S. to non-citizen parents may depend on the 2018 mid-term elections. If Democrats win back the House of Representatives by more than 30 seats, Trump will likely move forward. 

Like his draconian measures on DACA, the Muslim Ban, and eliminating transgender people from the military; Trump's preference is issuing executive orders to exert as much unilateral control as possible. 

An executive order to eliminate birthright citizenship for undocumented immigrants would be more red meat to "juice" up his base for the 2020 elections. If the executive order is referred to the courts, it could ultimately result in a test case that finds its way to the Supreme Court. 

As Alt-Black.com has noted, Trump is an ignorant, unstable, racist demagogue, who is probing the boundaries of authoritarian rule. He election promise was to blow up Washington and the political establishment. With his threat to re-write the 14th Amendment, you can add the U.S. Constitution to that list.   

Trump's Birthright Citizenship Attack: Not Just a Political Ploy​
Trump's Birthright Citizenship Attack: Not Just a Political Ploy
by Webster Bernell Brooks, III
“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States.” 

                                   14th Amendment, U.S. Constitution