The Dark Art of Trump's "New Deal With Black America 

After a year of campaigning without speaking to a Black audience or addressing their concerns, in August 2016 Donald Trump invited the Black community to leave the Democratic Party’s plantation and come over to his place.

“What do you have to lose” he said, seeming to suggest that the biscuits and gravy Ben Carson and his apprentice Omarosa were cooking up were far superior to those served in Obama’s house. 

His remarks were condemned by Blacks and many others as abrasive, untrue, and racist. They were, and deliberately so. Few disagreed that Trump’s nostrum had little to do with appealing to Black voters. They clearly targeted a white audience. But to what end? 

Trump's two-edged sword resonated with whites still harboring illusions that Blacks are a beleaguered and underachieving race. At the same time, his forced outreach to Black America supposedly would ease the guilt of educated suburban white women who might "recoil" at the prospect they were voting for a racist.  

Either way, Trump’s insults were more than a calculated strategy to stoke the white vote. That was nothing new. For decades Republicans relied on wedge issues like affirmative action or welfare reform to gin up the white electorate. By the 2000 election, the GOP settled on a more benign posture of cold indifference. 

What is new is Trump’s total characterization of Black America  careening down the path of self destruction--a fate they are powerless to overcome unless they embrace Donald Trump as their savior. And there’s the rub. 

Knowing he'd never get a credible share of the Black vote (he won 8% of Black vote) Trump manufactured an argument that Black America’s predicament was of their own choosing and they deserve the wretched conditions they live in. 

More sinister is the new political template Trump forged. By portraying Black America as a permanent underclass, riven by ignorance, crime, unemployment, and drugs, he laid the foundation to cast Blacks as an expendable sub-population. 

That may sound alarmist or even sensationalist, but then so did a Muslim ban and the mass deportation of 13 million undocumented persons one year ago. In truth, a full spectrum of draconian measures were test piloted in the Trump campaign, not to mention the whiff of totalitarian rule that clings to Trump like a wet sweater.  

Not to worry, Trump's paternalistic concerns to lift Black America out of the abyss led to the October 2016 release of his revolutionary 10 point program, "A New Deal for Black America.”

Skipping over the boilerplate GOP pablum, two issues were noteworthy. First, Trump's "Safe Streets" program. 

"Every poor African-American child must be able to walk down the street in peace," says Trump. To accomplish this, his New Deal  would "invest in training and funding local and federal law enforcement operations to remove the gang members, drug dealers, and criminal cartels from our neighborhoods." 

And what  Black child wouldn't fear walking down the street if Trump's call for "stop and frisk" police tactics was revived. Add to that his plan to deploy the National Guard in urban areas and you have the elements required for the conversion of urban Black communities into virtual Bantustans.  

The "Godfather" also has a plan to protect Black America and its middle class; well more like a "protection racket." According to Trump, "No group has been more economically harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income African-American workers. Hillary’s [Clinton] pledge to enact 'open borders,' says Trump "will destroy the Black middle class." ​

So its not the corporations that raped and abandoned Black urban centers; the banks, insurance companies and realtors like Trump who red-lined Black communities; the justice system that systematically imprisons a quarter of Black humanity that is destroying the African American community. 

No, its illegal immigrants. And once Trump deports the "illegals", Blacks can pick lettuce and tomatoes, and clean homes as domestic workers and nannies. Ahh, life on the new plantation.

Trump's rhetoric and proposals to deal with Black America represent a dangerous escalation to redefine the people of a darker hue as a subversive element and national security concern.  

But it should not be forgotten that this escalation cuts two ways. The July 7, 2016, shooting of five Dallas police officers by Micah Xavier Johnson, and Gavin Long's killing of police officers in Baton Rouge two weeks later were a direct response to the spate of police shootings of Black men across the country. 

The message that both of these Black veterans conveyed was clear; the time for talk and marches is over. Occurring against the backdrop of Trump's incendiary campaign, the racial tension coursing through the country was palpable.    

That tension and anxiety is eroding Black/White relations, exacerbating conflict between Blacks and law enforcement and deepening the divide between the Trump Administration are the Black community. 

In this climate of uncertain economic times, racial and political polarization, the outbreak of a crisis could lead to a severe trial of strength between the Trump administration and Black America--one that can't be resolved by the "Art of the Deal", new or otherwise.

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  Alt -White Trump Watch 
Donald Trump broke every politically correct rule in the campaign playbook in route to the Oval Office. His administration is no different. America's presidency is now a family run business of a new type: Trump Inc.  

The Trump's have affected a radical departure from all other presidential political families. Sure, John Kennedy's father ran a bootlegging operation with the mob during prohibition; the Bush dynasty was powered by Texas oil money, and the Clintons could turn a dollar into a small fortune whether it was trading pork bellies or shaking down investors over phony land deals. 

But Trump Inc. seeks to run the government writ large as a self- contained in-house operation. In other words, Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanca and her husband Jared Kushner are running as much of government as they can manage from the West Wing.  

For example, Trump enhanced Jared Kushner's portfolio by making him his personal envoy to the Middle East, Mexico and Canada--normally the purview of the Secretary of State and National Security Adviser. 

Moreover, as a practical matter on how Trump Inc. operates, Eric Trump said that a major influence in Donald Trump's decision to bomb Syria was because Ivanca Trump was "heartbroken and outraged" at Syria's alleged chemical attack on its people.  

Meanwhile, Donald Jr and Eric are directing the other half of Trump Inc., "taking over" daddies business holdings. No one knows if Donald Trump divested himself from all his business interest or set up a blind trust insulating his business interests from conflicting with his public office.

In the absence of releasing his tax returns, there can be no public accounting to determine if he or his family are using the government to further their business interests.  

Trump Inc.'s methods and business model mirrors that of a mafia crime family. Like New York's five families organized by Lucky Luciano, Donald Trump sits as "Godfather" reigning over his children's "Capo régimes." His son-in-law Jared Kushner doubles as his consigliere and shadow Secretary of State. Ivanka Trump sits as an adviser without portfolio in the West Wing.  

Similar to the La Cosa Nostra, Trump Inc. threatens, intimidates, sues, cons, swindles and lies as standard practices for profit taking. It also ruthlessly crushes its competitors and opponents. 

Typically, the mafia profits from a multitude of enterprises; gambling, prostitution, narcotics trafficking, labor racketeering, bribery, extortion and any other enterprise it could subvert.  

Similarly, Trump Inc. extracts profits by any mean necessary. Cutting deals with mobbed-up businesses, running fake universities, gambling, using illegal foreign labor, sexual exploitation of women, housing discrimination against people of color are but a few of Trump Inc.'s well documented practices. 

With "the Don" now in the White House, the potential to shake down the government is limitless. The Trump family brand is the most potent in the world. So is its power to intimidate Trump Inc.'s business enemies and competitors. 

That the bullying and hardball tactics hard-wired in Trumps' business and personal were easily transferred into the political arena, should come as no surprise. His mentor in New York City was Roy Cohn, the legal mastermind behind Senator Joe McCarthy's anti-communist inquisition in the 1950's.  
​Given the level of secrecy and subterfuge surrounding Donald Trump's business and personal finances, it will take some time to unravel Trump Inc.'s byzantine dealings. If the current investigation into Trump Inc.'s relations with Russia is any indication of what the future may hold, we are in for a wild ride.  
           The Trump File
Why Trump Will Pardon Black Heavyweight 
Champion Jack Johnson 

Donald Trump is an unstable, racist demagogue whose ignorance informs his arrogance. But that doesn’t mean he won’t pardon Jack Johnson, the world’s first Black heavyweight boxing champion.

Since Trump's tweet about the pardon on Saturday, April 21, a bevy of articles have appeared entertaining the novelty of the moment. Few however, have rendered a prediction on what will come of it. Trying to predict anything Trump will do is a fool’s errand. But, is going out on the proverbial limb to predict that Trump will pardon Jack Johnson. 

Why, you ask, would the Alt-White Tribal Leader pardon an uppity Black warrior who knocked out Great White Hopes on demand, and then flaunted his intimate relationships with white women to add insult to injury?  

There are many good reasons why Trump could pardon Jack Johnson, and only one serious 

reason--at least from Trump’s standpoint-- not to. But we're not basing our prognostications on playing the percentages or rational reasoning. That doesn't fit our psychological profile of the Tribal Leader. This prediction is based on Trump's ego, vanity and hatred of Barak Obama. 

Timing is everything. With the Russia probe closing in on the White House, tis the season for pardons. Moreover, Trump’s recent charm offensive with Black America is on a roll. Kanye West doubled down in his defense of Trump this week. Trump talked up his administration's record low unemployment rate for Blacks, and he hasn’t personally insulted anyone Black in at least two weeks. Unlike Frederick Douglass, at least Trump knows who Jack Johnson is, we think. Because Sylvester Stallone (Rocky himself) called Trump and urged him to consider the pardon. 

Reason 1 – Equal Opportunity Pardoning

With Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, former campaign manager Paul Manafort and his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn all on the hot seat, Trump is gearing up to pardon as many canaries as possible to keep them from singing. But the optics of pardoning all his rich white friends and criminal associates isn’t a good look. Throwing Jack Johnson in the pardon mix, would give Trump a little wiggle room to soften his blatant corruption of using pardons to influence potential witnesses and obstruct justice. 

Reason 2 – Punching Obama in the Nose

Linda E Haywood, Jack Johnson’s 61year-old great-great niece petitioned Barak Obama to pardon Jack Johnson twice, but her efforts fell on deaf ears. Trump’s presidency has in part been obsessed with undoing everything Obama accomplished. In this instance, he could upstage Obama by doing something for Blacks that Barry wouldn’t do. That’s serious temptation for Trump’s ego. 

Reason 3 – Triangulation and Fence Mending  

Among those who have been pushing for Jack Johnson’s pardon are Utah Senator Orin Hatch and Arizona Senator John McCain who co-sponsored a joint resolution with New Jersey Senator Corey Booker. If Trump pardons Johnson, the GOP's most prominent spokesman will jump on board, providing Trump with political cover. The Tabernacle (Leading Black Democrats and Civil Rights Leaders) would be placed in the awkward position of having to praise Trump's pardon..  

Reason 4 – Jack Johnson rises to Trump’s Standard of Fame and Ego 

Every action Donald Trump takes has to be massaged to accommodate his enormous ego. Trump can make this exception for Jack Johnson, because Johnson’s legacy conforms to his vision of his own greatness. Speaking of Johnson in his Tweet, Trump says “His trials and tribulations were great, his life complex and controversial.” Brash, unconventional, a fighter, a winner, a big personality, a conqueror of women and highly controversial. These are all the life forces that vibrate in Trump's cosmos. 

It is also worth noting that Trump is one of those peculiar White racists who distains the Darker Nation, but is entirely comfortable rubbing elbows and associating his brand with "upper echelon "Black celebrities" in this case, the living and the dead.  

Reason 5 - Trump relishes doing the unpredictable and confounding his critics

Trump’s appetite for favorable media coverage knows no bounds, especially when he’s being unpredictable and confounding his critics. Pardoning Jack Johnson would be a shocker to many. In fact, the more people that believe it won’t happen, only increases the percentages that Trump will make the pardon. 

Reason 6 – Trump won’t lose support of the Alt-Right  

Should Trump pardon Jack Johnson it won’t be pretty among the Alt-Right’s ethno-nationalist wing, who have been busy pummeling the royal miscegenation of Prince Harry and Meghan Markel. Jack Johnson’s sexual exploits and marriages to three white women in the early 1900’s made him the font of evil and ultimate threat to the white race. Breitbart News is taking the opposite tact, applauding Trump’s consideration of the pardon. The thinking is that 100 years has passed since Johnson was the heavyweight champion and he wasn’t a hardened criminal. 

At the end of day, no matter how much one tries to rationalize Trump’s decision making processes, his decision will come down to how he feels when he wakes up one morning.  

Mounting evidence of criminal activity and conspiracy in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, is galvanizing a consensus among the U.S. ruling class (the Illuminati) that Donald Trump must be removed from the Oval Office. To that end, contingency planning has been set into motion to execute a “soft coup.” America is moving inexorably toward a governing crisis, or as "The Heresy" would say; there is "Wind in the Tower." 

Coups are “illegal” overt seizures of state power by the military or elites within the state apparatus. A “soft coup” accomplishes the same goal of regime change “legally.”’s readout of the Cathedral’s (America's) governing crisis is that events are coming to a head in 2018. We’ve arrived at this juncture, because the ruling elites have concluded Mueller has the goods to take Trump down. 

The Illuminati’s dilemma is that Mueller’s methodical probe to bring indictments, accept pleas and prosecute criminal trials takes time. In the interregnum, Trump--a highly unstable, impulsive demagogue—is likely to provoke an incident that could catapult the nation into a severe crisis. 

Doubters that a “soft coup” looms on the horizon should consider what’s transpired since communication staffers Hope Hicks and Josh Raffel resigned, and chief economic advisor Gary Cohn deserted the sinking ship. The heat from Mueller’s probe is not only accelerating the meltdown of Trump’s administration, but the Tribal Leader as well. 

In a rage over Mueller’s probe, Trump quixotically declared a trade war over steel. A few days later, Trump suddenly agreed to unconditional talks on nuclear disarmament with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Trump sent South Korean officials out to the White House lawn to make the announcement without informing any staff members or government officials. The next day his press secretary, walked the statement back.

Trump’s erratic behavior is “stress testing” the core operation of American Empire. But the system can only endure so many sudden shocks before it buckles. Until the ruling class settles on the best option to process Trump’s exit from office, they must wall him off from three no-go areas that risk a strategic setback for American Empire; 1) taking America to the brink of war 2) initiating a reckless action that provokes a sharp economic downturn, and 3) pushing the nation’s political system to a “constitutional crisis.” Trump’s bungling of Korean nuclear talks and his sudden steel tariff declaration demonstrate how quickly the Cathedral can be thrown into an economic or foreign policy crisis. 

As Mueller’s investigation closes in on Trump, his proclivity to push events towards a “constitutional crisis will increase. He will fight with every means at his disposal to remain in office. American Empire overcame the 2008 financial crisis and foreign policy setbacks like the military stalemates in Iraq and Afghanistan. But withstanding a “constitutional crisis” in the current environment is a different matter. Both the president and congress have some of lowest approval ratings in history (Congress 15% - Trump 39% Gallop Poll-February 2018). With the country sharply divided along partisan and racial lines, a “constitutional crisis” playing out against this backdrop is a dangerous proposition. This is exactly where the country is headed. 

If Trump fires Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in order to kneecap Mueller’s investigation, or refuses to cooperate or testify before the grand jury, events will edge toward impeachment. If Democrats capture the majority in the House of Representative in November 2018 elections, impeachment hearings will become a virtual certainty. 

The impeachment process would paralyze a government that is already largely dysfunctional, and split Congress even further-along partisan lines, unless Republicans abandon Trump, and settle for Pence. 

There is the possibility the press will uncover evidence or produce a witness with evidence so compelling that it could force Trump to resign. It’s also possible that Trump, in a fit of rage could provoke an incident so detrimental to the interest of American Empire, that Section 4 of the 25th Amendment would be invoked to remove him from office. Both these scenarios would back the nation off the precipice of a full blown “constitutional crisis.” 

How the ruling class removes Trump from office matters. The point of the “soft coup” is crisis management. The last time the Illuminati resorted to a "hard coup" was November 22, 1963. That incident has left more than half the country, to this day, believing that the CIA participated in the assassination of its own president. 

Beyond the immediate concerns of preventing Trump from precipitously plunging the nation into war or an economic downturn, maintaining the veneer of “political legitimacy” is an important consideration for the Illuminati. Even tyrants and dictators invest substantial resources into crafting images, myths and rationales justifying their political rule.'s core analytics assert that American Empire is in a state of international and domestic decline. The election of Donald Trump--an ignorant, racist, unhinged nativists demagogue--is the symbol and the substance of this decline. The fall of every large empire in history has been marked by the decay of its critical institutions. 

These institutions either fall into a state of disrepair, lose legitimacy among society broadly, or refuse to adapt to accommodate new social actors and governing realities of a changing society. Special interests capture the state, and immobilize it of its governing flexibility. Today, political parties, the executive branch, congress, the corporate media, the United Nations and NATO among others, are all faltering institutions that prop up American Empire.

Donald Trump's attempts to inject nativism, white nationalism, and authoritarian measures into every sphere of his administration is accelerating the decay of these bedrock institutions. 

He has exposed the Republican Party as a racist, unprincipled harlot of corporate profits and appeaser of Russian hegemony. He’s brow beaten Congress into submission to accept unbridled nepotism as a legitimate practice of the presidency. He has pilloried the national media and convinced one/third of country that the press are purveyors of fake news. He has attacked the Vulcan (the U.S. Intelligence community and the FBI) as inept and corrupt agents of the liberal establishment. He’s attacked NATO, the citadel the American Empire’s international military infrastructure. 

Now, Trump is prepared to "go to the mattresses" over the presidency itself, which he’s attempted to convert into a profit taking center to advance the family business interests of Trump Inc.

Over the next 8 months, we are going to witness the twist and turns of the U.S. ruling class attempts to move Trump out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. If they succeed—Soft Coup or otherwise-- it' won't be a vindication that American democracy is alive and well, and the system of checks and balances works. It will be another revealing episode of how a system that is ultimately doomed, is desperately clinging to power.  
Trump Pardons Jack Johnson

On April 25, released an article predicting Donald Trump would pardon Black Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson. On May 24, it happened. Flanked by Sylvester Stallone, former boxing champion Lennox Lewis and current champion Deontay Wilder, Trump said "Today I've issued an executive grant of clemency, a full pardon, posthumously, to John Arthur 'Jack Johnson' ... The first African-American heavyweight champion of the world, a truly great fighter. Had a tough life." 

True to form, the same day Trump said NFL players protesting the national anthem shouldn't be allowed to play, and maybe should leave the country. We will have more to say about the NFL protest movement in the coming days. None of this comes as a surprise to