Sep 15

A federal judge in Chicago issued a nationwide injunction that blocks Attorney General Jeff Sessions' attempt to deny certain funds to "sanctuary cities."

August 2

Tribal Leader Trump announces the Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act which aims to cut immigration by half from the current level of more than 1 million green cards granted per year.

June 26

The U.S. Supreme Court gave the Trump administration the go-ahead Monday to begin enforcing part of the president's executive order restricting travel from six predominately Muslim countries. 

The court also agreed to take up the Trump administration's appeal of lower court rulings that have prevented the government from carrying out the president's policy, which the White House said was necessary to help prevent terrorists from entering the country. 

April 26

 OMB Director Nick Mulvaney said that Trump is willing to drop a demand for funding for the border wall in order to avert a government shutdown

April 25

District court judge blocks a directive denying federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities that refuse to help enforce federal immigration law. 

April 18

Trump signs an executive order to review the H-1B program to review the high skilled “guest worker” visa program.

March 29

The federal district court in Hawaii upheld its injunction against Trump’s “travel ban” executive order, and Seattle filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s threat to withdraw funding from sanctuary cities as unconstitutional​.

March 17

The Trump administration releases specifications for contractual bids to build the border wall. One proposal called for a concrete wall, and the other called for one that would be see-through.

March 6

President Trump signs a new version of his travel ban executive order. Unlike the first order, it exempted visitors from Iraq, as well as people who had already been admitted to the country

Feb 21 

The administration announced that it was reversing the Obama administration’s policy of non-enforcement on the border. The administration said it would empower border agents to carry out their duties fully, and hire 10,000 additional agents. 

February 4

​Trump tweets his displeasure with the federal judge’s TRO: “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

February 3

A federal judge in a district court in Washington issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) on Trump’s “travel ban,” setting up a judicial showdown

January 30

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates declares her refusal to defend Trump's executive order in court. President Trump fired her and replaced her with Dana Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.​

Jan 27

​President Trump issues an executive order temporarily restricting travel from seven terror-prone countries. 

President Trump issues an executive order halting the Syria refugee program.

January 26:

​Trump tweeted in response to President Nieto that if that were the case, the meeting should be canceled. Peña Nieto then canceled his trip — and the Trump White House indicated that it would favor a 20% tariff on Mexican 

January 25: 

President Trump signs two executive orders on immigration. The first directed federal agencies to begin work towards the “wall,” or “barrier,” along the southern border with Mexico, and pledged to deport illegal aliens while expanding detention facilities for those apprehended in the country. 

The second order enhanced enforcement of federal immigration law and directed agencies to begin withholding funds from “sanctuary cities.” 

January 25:

 After Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto tweeted a message the night before, saying that he looked forward to visiting the White House the following week but that Mexico would not pay for the U.S. border wall. 


Alt White.Org
To grapple with Tribal Leader Trump's (TLT) immigration plan is to understand it as a "Proxy war." Immigration policy is the proxy for population displacement. The "war" is  a brutal and calculated enterprise to achieve the goal of Zero Net Non-White Population Growth. We call it the Zero Immigration Plan (ZIP).   

Bluntly stated, the Zero Immigration Plan seeks to dramatically reverse demographic trending where in 2016, the white population grew by 5,000, compared to 2.2 million non-whites. Pro-rated, America's whites will become a minority population by 2044. The phenomenon is known as the "Browning of America." 

Unlike the numerous campaign promises tribal Leader Trump (TLT) has broken, he's unleashed all the instruments of legislative, executive and legal power to prosecute the Zero Immigration Plan. The relentless campaign has little to do with his political beliefs. It is driven by the cold reality that immigration is the core issue that catapulted him into the Oval Office. It is also the glue holding together his political and electoral base.

Tribal Leader Trump (TLT) is now the political hostage to the Alt White "Liquidationist" coalition. That coalition includes Steve Bannon's Breitbart Gang, the 1488's, a majority of Republican Party office holders, white nativists who supported his election and Alt-White ethno-nationalists (Eth-Nats) who want
to make America a white homeland

Thus, a valid question arises; how will TLT surpass the record number of five million undocumented people booted out of the country by "Deporter in Chief" Obama? What new policies will be weaponized to start moving America toward Zero Net Non-White Population Growth? TLT's strategy attacks across three fronts: forced deportations, intimidation leading to self-deportation, and denying entry  to non-White immigrants and refugees.

Forced Deportations  

The first three months of TLT's administration was marked by a 32.6% increase in deportations compared to 2015-2016. The increase was the result of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests of non-criminals. Rail as he did against Mexican rapists and drug dealers, ICE has targeted the "law abiding."

As then, Homeland Security Secretary, John F. Kelly said, "ICE will no longer exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement.” In short, any undocumented person is fair game, irrespective of circumstance. By contrast, deportations under Obama concentrated on felons and criminal elements. Do stay tuned. 

On September 5, Jeff Sessions, Secretary of the Justice Department announced that the DACA program (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) be rescinded. The Executive Order sign by Obama in 2012 gave protected status from deportation to 800,000 children bought to the United States by their parents who were unauthorized immigrants.  

Legal status for new applicants; don't  bother. People not already protected; forget about it. Anyone with a DACA permit expiring before March 5, 2018, can apply for a two-year renewal. However, the Justice Department only gave applicants 30 days from the announcement of the program to submit their applications.  

On September 14, 2017, literally out of the blue, The Tribal Leader met with Democratic Party leaders Pelosi and Schumer and agreed to sign off on the Debt Ceiling in exchange for extending DACA. Amid harsh criticism across the Alt-White Spectrum, Make America Great "hat burnings" are reported.       

Denying Entry and Visa's to Non-White Immigrants and Refugees

From his first month in office the Tribal Leader tried to ram through his de-facto anti-Muslim ban. On January 27 he signed an executive order temporarily restricting travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries and halting the Syria refugee program. 

Injunctions and Temporary Restraining 
Orders are issued blocking the ban by District courts and Federal judges. Trump boils, tweets invective, ruminates and threatens the courts. Nevertheless, the ban holds until June when the Supreme Court approves enforcement of part of the ban in six Muslim countries. The Court also agreed to future hearings of the Trump administration's appeals of lower court decisions blocking full enforcement.

Beyond the ban, the collateral damage was palpable. The travel ban's hostile environment pushed number of petitions for H-1B visas fhaell by 16 percent this year, the first decrease in five years     

In August, TLT endorsed a Republican Senate Bill to cut the number of green cards for permanent residents in half, from one million to 500,000. Called the "Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act" (RAISE), the bill creates a point system based on English ability, education levels and job skills for 140,000 employment-based green cards distributed annually. 

In addition, the bill caps annual refugee admissions at 50,000 and ends a visa diversity lottery that has awarded 50,000 green cards a year, mostly to applicants from African nations. It's not hard to see that this bill is designed to restrict immigration to primarily to White Europeans.    

On The Border
Central to TLT's Zero Immigration Plan and its most enduring symbol is The Great Southern Wall, the impregnable barrier to stem the invasion of the "Mexican hordes."

Despite the embarrassment of The Wall that isn't being built, that Mexico won't pay for, that Republicans nor Congress wants to pay for--illegal border crossings are down 75%. 

More ICE agents, more guns, more helicopters, more boats, more surveillance equipment has made crossing the border a dangerous proposition. The price of doing business for the smugglers has doubled, and so has the price for those trying to get in.  Many just can't afford it. Imagine that, price, supply, demand--the basics laws of capitalism working its will on the border. 

Applications for asylum are also dramatically down. Statistics cited for the month of April, showed that the number of people apprehended at the border was slightly higher than 11, 4000.   

Sanctuary Cities

Under Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department has threatened to cut off  Federal funding from eight cities that choose not to work with them to arrest immigrants. The funds were distributed through the under the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant, which provides funding for state and local law enforcement..

Under the Supreme Court’s “anti-commandeering doctrine,” the Federal government cannot order a state or local government to participate in a federal program.

On April 25 a U.S. Federal judge blocked Trump's order to cut off funding to cities that limit cooperation with immigration authorities. Again in September a Chicago judge issued a temporary nationwide injunction stopping the Justice Department from withholding federal funds to their local law enforcement departments.  

Typically, non-cooperation involves police officers being prevented from inquiring into the immigration status of residents, or jails refusing to comply with requests from the feds to hold suspected undocumented immigrants past their scheduled release dates​. 

The hook is that is that the Federal government can offer states and local governments financial incentive to participate in a federal program. By creating a grant program, Congress could  make the grant money available only to states or cities that comply with certain conditions . 

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The end of birthright citizenship.

To impose a ban on Muslims entering
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To build the Southern Wall

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To impose restrictions on legal
immigration from non- European     

To impose further restricted on  
benefits for all non-documented              persons. 

Permanent Residents (DAPA).   sometimes called Deferred Action for
Parental Accountability.

To rescind DACA the Deferred Action
for Childhood Arrivals allowing certain
undocumented (illegal) immigrants who
entered the country as minors, to
receive a renewable two-year period of
deferred action from deportation and
eligibility for a work permit.  
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