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Black Identity Extremists (BIE's)

"The FBI defines black identity extremists as individuals who seek, wholly or in part, through unlawful acts of force or violence, in response to perceived racism and injustice in American Society and some do so in furtherance of establishing a separate black homeland or autonomous black social institutions, communities or governing organizations within the United States. The desire for physical and psychological separation is typically based on either a religious or political belief system or which is sometimes formed around or includes a belief in racial superiority or supremacy."

Sovereign Citizen Extremists (SCE's)

"The FBI defines sovereign citizen extremists as individuals who openly reject their U.S. citizenship status, believe that most forms of established government, authority, and institutions are legitimate, and seek wholly or in the part through unlawful acts of force or violence to further their claim to be immune from government authority. "

Moorish Sovereign Citizens 

"Moorish sovereign citizens are a loose network of mostly African Americans who believe they are sovereign entities who do not recognize the authority of the U.S. government. Moorish sovereign citizens ideology derives from the Moorish Science Temple of America, a non-violent religious ad cultural movement founded in 1913 by Nobel Drew Ali, who taught his followers they were not "negroes" but Moors, people of North African Berber or Arab descent. Some Moorish adherents adopt sovereign citizens strategies to assert diplomatic immunity by claiming membership in fictitious Native American tribes, claiming descent from settlers who arrived in North America during the pre-Columbian era, or identifying as foreign nationals or ambassadors."  
FBI Director 
Christopher Wray​
"Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to 
Target Law Enforcement Officers"

Intelligence Assessment
by the FBI Counterterrorism Division
August 3, 2017
With each passing day, the FBI's August 3, 2017, Intelligence Assessment that conjured up a fictional "Black Identity Extremists" movement, is being exposed as an active covert operation. 
L' Resistance Noir, the Tabernacle, the "Bi-Coastal" and "New Left" movements  have condemned the report for what it is:

-  a deliberate fabrication to label, target and neutralize Black activists 
-  a ruse to justify widespread surveillance of Black activists
-  an orchestrated fear-mongering campaign to convince the country  
   that Black terrorists organizations threaten U.S. national  security  

The growing outrage to the report titled "Black Identity Extremists Likely Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers," strikes at the FBI's expanding counter-intelligence operation against the People of a Darker Hue. 

"Outed" by the news leak to Foreign Affairs magazine in October, the Bureau was forced to confess its sins, then lie to spin the best cover-up possible. It started when FBI Director Christopher Wray was called to book by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) on November 29.   

Asked by Rep. Karen Bass (CBC) how the FBI came up with the new category of "Black Identify Extremists," Wray shrugged his shoulders and said "open source" documents were used. It was a lie, if not a half-truth. The BIE document clearly stated that "the assessment was principally derived from FBI and law enforcement investigations."   

While the designation "Black Identity Extremists" was new, this covert operation against the Darker Nation was not. Rep. Bass noted that the policy hadn't changed.  "They used to call it "Black Separatist Extremists" (SDE's), said Bass and observed that Wray didn't have a rationale why the name change took place. 

As late as March 16, 2016, an FBI Intelligence Bulletin's was issued under the title "Black Supremists Extremists" Call for Retaliation in Response to Police Involved Incidents Could Incite Acts of Violence Against Law Enforcement" (BSE's). The switch to BIE's reflects the  expansion and escalation of the FBI's secret war. Page 3 of the report states "This assessment is the first analytic intelligence product to assess influences between the sovereign citizens extremists movement and the black identity extremist movement."  

The widening scope of surveillance targets black activists, organizations and virtually anyone attending an anti-police brutality rally or even engaging in "anti-white" rhetoric.  Rep. Bass informed Wray that Blacks attending anti-police brutality rallies, who broke no laws were being visited by FBI agents, asked questions about their involvement, and left  cards to call the Bureau. 

When asked if the FBI was monitoring Black Lives Matter, Wray refused to acknowledge they were. But, on November 29, 2017, Al Jazeera News reported the FBI was doing exactly that. Emails obtained through a Freedom of Information request by the Center for Constitutional Rights disclose field reports of FBI agents monitoring Black Lives Matter events.   

On November 14, Rep. Bass also faced down Attorney General Jeff  "I Can't Recall" Sessions in a hearing. When asked to name one Black organization responsible for the death of police officers, as alleged in the report, Sessions could not. Neither could Director Wray. 

Whether Ray or Sessions lied or not, one thing is clear, the report exerted a great deal of effort targeting what it called "Moorish Sovereign Citizens" (MSC's) groups as a rising BIE threat. The report which was based on six incidents since 2014, attributed at least two attacks to MSC's. 

It claims Gavin Eugene Long, the assailant in the July 17, 2016, shooting of six law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana had a Washita Nation SovereignCitizen ID card in his wallet. The report also claims on September 13, 2016, a Black man [Marc LaQuon Payne], drove his car into three Phoenix, Arizona police officers in an attempt to kill them. He was charged with attempted murder. The FBI report says he was tied to a "Moorish group" on social media.

One of the reports' stated goals was to address a key intelligence question; "What cross-programmatic relationships influence the BIE movement?  The "answer" was the relationship between sovereign citizens extremists movement and the black identity extremists movement. MSC's could conceivably provide Black individuals who don't recognize the authority of U.S. government with an ideological home. But on closer examination, "so called" Moorish Sovereign Citizen groups, do not appear to pose a serious short or long-term threat to the Tower.        

At the end the day, the Bureau's BIE assessment is riddled with contradictions and vagaries from start to finish. That this report, is sloppy, circumstantial and ill conceived makes it even more dangerous. It highlights the desperation driving the Deep State to expand its secret war on the Darker Nation. What are they so goddam afraid of? We may underestimate our own revolutionary potential. The Deep State does not, and with good reason. 

So, what comes next? The CBC's demand that the FBI's Black Identity Extremists designation be withdrawn should be broadly supported. This is too big an issue for just "movement" people to oppose. 

This attack needs to be defeated. What does that mean? It means creating a national outcry of millions demanding the FBI publicly withdraw the designation and cease illegal surveillance of Black activist. In short, an organized campaign is needed to push back this attack.  

The FBI has given the Darker Nation a great opportunity to expose its secret war on our community. We should leverage it. This is a teachable moment, especially for our youth, who are unfamiliar with the legacy of the Cointelpro Program of the 1950's and 60's. More to the point, as our activist movement expands, this issue will grow more acute, not less. We must be wise, and pick the right battles to fight. This is one of them.    
Clink on photo above to view July 2016 email on how the FBI may use specific language to justify data collection and monitoring of Black Lives Matter. Reported by Al Jazeera News
FBI's "Black Identity Extremists" (BIE)Designation Exposed: So What Happens Next?
Click on link above to view the ACLU Freedom
of Information Request for all FBI Documents
regarding "Black Identity Extremists" .