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The contagion of White Nationalism that first surfaced in Europe has visited its plague on America. It infected the bloodstream of whites who swarmed to the polls in 2016, to elect a self-styled Tribal Leader as President. In one election season, the People of a Darker Hue became the target of sustained attacks from the White House. 

Schooled in the sciences of racial provocation and conspiracy, Donald Trump entered politics trafficking snake oil. He orchestrated a phony five-year campaign to prove Barak Obama was a foreign-born Muslim. White nativists, Tea Party and GOP trolls and the Alt-Right movement ingested the venom whole. It marked the genesis of an Alt-White coalition that catapulted Trump into the White House.  

Once in office, the Tribal Leader escalated his attacks on the Darker Nation. When Black athletes kneeled during the National Anthem, he felt comfortable calling them "son of a bitches."  Conversely, his apology for the Klan and Neo-Nazis after Charlottesville, anointed them as defenders of the white race. His inflammatory rhetoric stoked national tension. The nation witnessed new players skirmishing on the battlefield; Antifa on one side of the barricades, The League of the South on the other.    

In the wake of these developments, a valid question arises; to what end are these actions being directed?Collectively, we sense the gathering confluence of forces has far reaching implications. It is the endgame that remains an unanswered question.   

The People of the Darker Nation are struggling to grasp the gravity of the moment. We are confronting a new challenge, yet our analytical tools lack imagination. They reflect the "Tabernacle's" (Civil Rights-Democrat Party Establishment) crusty and outdated thinking. Grappling with these new realities is not a question of thinking outside the box. It's a question of breaking the box, and throwing it away.       

We should harbor no illusions about the Trump-Alt White alliance. It poses a unique threat to the Darker Nation, unlike anything we've seen in modern history. The forces deploying against us are powerful, multi-faceted and determined to bring us low.

Coming to terms with the Trump-Alt White alliance requires us to examine the role of the Tribal Leader and those who voted for him. Of greater consequence is the Alt-Right. They are the directing force behind Trump and his Legions. What the Alt-Right wants, and the path they're traveling to get there is the nexus of the matter warranting our attention.       ​

The Tribal Leader​

Donald Trump is both Tribal Leader and President--the manipulator of a national mob and maximum government leader of American Empire. He is not an Alt-Right believer, nor do they claim him. He is an ignorant, ego-maniac and racist demagogue, who will mouth any political position to further his own selfish interests. He serves as a vessel transferring the putrefaction of the Alt Right into the national body politic. Trump is the Alt-Right's and Russia's useful idiot.     

Since taking office, Trump has altered the nation's cultural algorithm, injecting malware into the country's psychological mainframe. Deporting undocumented Hispanics, banning Muslims and sabotaging Puerto Rico's hurricane recovery efforts, reflect his racial reordering of society.  

Trump's attack on the Darker Nation is surgically calibrated for effect. It focuses on two areas. He argues that Blacks are a beleaguered race, plagued by ignorance, violence and self-destructive behavior. Repeatedly he's said, "You have no jobs, you have no schools, you can't walk down your streets without getting shot." 

"Survival of the fittest" informs Trump's Social Darwinist rhetoric that the Darker Nation is genetically defective. He suggest we cannot adapt to the demands of advance capitalism. Over time, "natural selection" would eliminate the Black species from America's gene pool--a post-modern version of the decimation of Native Americans. But Trump can't wait on Darwin's theory or time. He stirs the pot, suggesting we are a cancerous growth. Best to eradicate it now, before it ravages the body.       

Targeting NFL players protesting police brutality, and bringing them to heel is Trump's second obsession. He demanded that NFL owners fire players kneeling during the National Anthem for disrespecting flag and country. The message was clear; Black dissenters are unpatriotic, and so is anyone supporting them. Like King Henry Vlll, he wants the dissenters condemned as traitors, flogged in the public square and their heads impaled on pikes at the White House gates.    

The Tribal Leader's narrative asserting that the Darker nation is a violent, unproductive and subversive population center is a dangerous development. It goes beyond racism or feeding "red meat" to his white nationalist base. It's an argument for future population control measures, race war and "soft" ethnic cleansing. 

Odin's Legions

There is an old mafia saying that "your enemies get strong on what you leave behind." For years, the Republican Party lied and manipulated millions of its white supporters, while doing nothing to help them. Trump seized on their alienation from the GOP and the country to build an army. That army is Odin's Legions. 

The backbone of the Trump-Alt-White axis are the 57 million nationalist leaning whites who voted for the Tribal Leader in 2016. They were middle-class whites, suburban whites, low-income whites, Appalachian Mountain whites, rural and small town whites, Wall Street whites, educated suburban white women, blue collar-Joe Budweiser whites and religious whites. There were even five million whites who voted for Obama before going tribal. 

Odin's Legions come from every region, class, religion, ethnic and income group. They were mostly Republican, but included many Democrats and Independents. They had two things in common; they were angry, and they are white. Many were easily manipulated, and some stupid enough to think "Making America Great Again" means deporting Hispanics and putting Blacks back in their place-in other words, "Make America White Again." 

Some voted for Trump to exact vengeance on Wall Street and corporations that closed factories and sent jobs overseas. Others were Hillary haters. Despite his few accomplishments since becoming president, Trump's base has held its center. This tells us something about the loyalty of Odin's Legions and the measure of their political resolve.  

As the 2018 mid-term elections approach, the Legion's are being summoned to the battlefield to resume the Civil War against the Republican Party establishment. Should more radical and far right-wing elements gain control of the GOP, the Alt-Right's agenda will become an institutional fixture in the American mainstream.

The Alt-Right - From the Margins to the Mainstream
To the Darker Nation, the Alt Right largely remains an unknown quantity. They seemed to have emerged out of nowhere. They are Klansman without hoods and crosses. They are Nazis in button down suits instead of brown shirts and jackboots. In posh Washington, D.C. hotels. they give "Heil Hitler" salutes at their conferences 

The most public face of the Alt-Right is an unshaven, disheveled looking man named Steve Bannon. He is the grey eminence who sat at Trump's right hand as his chief White House strategist, and is now CEO of the Alt-Right's biggest news website, Breitbart.    

The optics portray a motley crew of fanatics and kooks, but obscures the reality that the Alt-Right is the fastest growing political movement in the country. The Alt-Right is the galvanizing force of political activists driving the economic nationalist and white nationalist agenda. This is a movement of theorists, organizers, writers, protesters, thought leaders, publicists, politicians, fund raisers and radio personalities. The internet is the connective tissue that binds their movement.           

Incubated by college professors and far right intellectuals frustrated with feckless conservatives, they staged a breakaway movement in 2008. They called their movement the "Alternative Right." They railed against political correctness, Republican wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, gender equality and multi-culturalism. Central to their enterprise was shutting down illegal and legal immigration of non-white populations. This faction of the Alt-Right, that focuses on economic nationalism and immigration is known as the "Alt-Light."

What gives the Alt-Right high visibility and political swag is its unapologetic promotion of white culture and white identity politics. The white nationalist wing emerged hoisting the banner of creating a White Ethno-State. Many are direct action confrontationists, committed to moving the Alt-Right off the internet and into the streets. Charlottesville is now their rallying cry. They are the "ethno-nationalists" or Eth-Nats.     

Ten years later the Alt-Right is everywhere. Their websites hum on the internet. Breitbart News, called "the platform of the Alt-Right" had 19 million visitors in 2016. Even Neo-Nazi websites like the Daily Stormer had hundreds of thousands of hits before Google shut it down in the summer of 2017. Alt-Right think tanks grind out analyses on everything from men's rights to restoring monarchy as the ideal form of white governance. Their publishing houses and offices have sprung up from Washington, D.C. to Budapest, Hungary. 

In Silicon Valley, high-tech CEO's finance Alt-Right political start-ups and serve as its thought leaders. They hold academic chairs in colleges and universities. White nationalist youth movements are flourishing. Thousands of Alt-Right trollers and meme brigades police the internet, attacking and intimidating their enemies and breaking into email accounts. 

The Alt-Right is not just an American phenomenon. They have an older brother in Europe; the "New Right."  Across Europe, white nationalist parties are winning more seats in Parliament and have elected anti-democratic white nationalist presidents in Poland and Hungary. 

But who would have thought their newest ally would be President Vladimir Putin and the Russian government? Who could have imagined Russian intelligence operatives spending thousands of dollars on Facebook to mislead Black voters and others with fake ads about Black Lives Matter? Like their Tribal Leader, several factions of the Alt Right have adopted pro-Russian positions and have direct political ties to Moscow. It was not by accident that Neo-Nazis and the Klan chanted "Russia is our friend" in its Charlottesville torchlight parades.    

A compelling case can be made that the Alt-Right is a force to be reckoned with. They have boots on the ground, money, organization, strategic leadership and political momentum. The larger question is what do they really want?  

"Wasperica"​ (A White Anglo Saxon Protestant Ethno-State) 

The maximum agenda of the Alt-Right ethno-nationalists is transforming America into a white ethno-state, or "Wasperica." As conceived by the Eth-Nats, Wasperica is a nation whose economy, politics, culture and social relations would be dominated exclusively by white people. The creation of a white ethno-state is not just an Orwellian fantasy. It could happen. 

What Wasperica would look like, and how it would function can assume many forms. From the Stormfront confrontationists wing of the Alt-Right, to college professors advancing Human Bio-Diversity theory, competing models of an ethno-state are being debated.  

One school of thought calls for the removal and relocation of 43 million Black people and 50 million Hispanics to the Caribbean and Lesser Antilles. This idea mimics the American Colonization Society model advocated in 1816, as a remedy to slavery.   

A more "pragmatic" proposal calls for a negotiated partition of America into seven sovereign republics. It's referred to here as "Ethno-State Partition Plus" or ESP. This model concedes that race war and mass deportation to "cleanse" the nation of Blacks and Hispanics would expend too much "white blood and treasure." 

Ethno-State Partition Plus establishes an independent Hispanic republic in California, Arizona and New Mexico. An "African-American Republic" would be carved out of the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. Black Power and left 60's activists may recognize this reincarnation as the "Black Belt" in the South program for self-determination. Ironically, it's the same platform of the Communist Party in the 1930's.  

Partition Plus also provides Blacks and Hispanics with an option of living in one of four open multi-racial republics in Greater Texas, Florida, the Northwest Cascades and Greater New England. The largest sovereign state is the "White American Republic," comprised of 21 states in the Midwest and Mountain West. Increasingly, Ethno-State Partition Plus (ESP) is emerging as a preference of the Alt Right.  

Finally, the Klan and Neo-Nazis, not renown for their intellectual curiosity, also have a strategy that hinges on preparing for a "crisis moment." Should mass chaos and social dislocation occur as a result of a nuclear war exchange or sudden economic collapse, they would initiate armed race war against Blacks, Jews and Hispanics. This is the ethno-state forged by blood and sword, as foretold in "The Turner Diaries," a Klan novel written in 1978. 

In truth, the Neo-Nazi/Klan Stormfront assessment is historically more accurate in terms of how revolutions start and authoritarian regimes rise. The Russian and Chinese revolutions both emerged out of world wars (non-nuclear, but the point is the same). The Soviet Union's breakup in 1991, was triggered by economic collapse and widespread social chaos. It led to a series of "color revolutions." The Stormfront may be the violent "low-information" dregs of the Alt-Right, but their ethno-state scenario is not without merit.       

Notwithstanding these theories, the actions of the Trump-Alt-White alliance is evolving toward a different model; the Apartheid ethno-state as formally practiced in South Africa. The Apartheid model provided South Africa's white minority with a governance structure to control a large majority non-white population. Wasperica would likely develop as a political hybrid, something less than democracy, but not quite fascism either. 

Under the modified Apartheid model, the "Illuminati" (the white ruling powers) would be granted extraordinary executive, legislative, legal, military and law enforcement powers to control Asians, Hispanics and the Darker Nation. Trump's presidency is a test run probing the boundaries of moving the nation toward a more authoritarian polity.     

Consider Trump's travel ban on Muslims. After a temporary stay by a lower court, the ban was re-instated and expanded to more countries. The Tribal Leader has also fast-forwarded multiple platforms for mass deportations of undocumented Hispanics and Haitians, while backing legislation restricting new visa entries mostly to white Europeans. His actions to alter the nation's racial composition underscore the urgency of the times. 

In 2016, the white population grew by 5,000, compared to 2.2 million non-whites. By 2044, whites are projected to be a minority population in America. For the Eth-Nats, the "Browning of America" is an existential fight. They believe white people won't survive unless change starts now to prevent "the brown hordes" from culturally and demographically overrunning the white homeland.    

The Wasperica Apartheid state would systematically target Black political participation. Intensified voter suppression tactics, extreme gerrymandering, and nullifying Black voters through increased incarceration rates will further depress black political participation. Trump's "Advisory Commission on Electoral Integrity," established to explain how three million "illegal immigrants" ballots caused him to lose the popular vote, is a national witch hunt to disenfranchise Black and Hispanic voters.    

Economically speaking, the impact of globalization, automation and white preferential employment policies will shrink the Black middle class. Subsidizing medium and lower-income white workers to maintain their loyalty to Wasperica, will swell the ranks of low and underemployed Black workers. A vast new Black underclass of "tech-proletarians" will be created, consisting of low-end computer-based operators, service sector workers and enlisted military personnel. 

In Wasperica, a privileged strata of the Darker Nation will continue to exist. In addition to entertainers, artists and sports figures, Blacks deemed "essential" to the economy in high end medical, engineering, science, research, military and technology professions will still be needed. The Darker Nation will become more stratified economically and geographically as a design of state policy. 

Wasperica's race-based economic policies will also create new housing configurations for the non-white underclass. In large urban areas, managed population colonies of Blacks and others will be established across the country. These deep-state security colonies called "Blaconia," will be subjected to enhanced electronic surveillance protocols, and possibly restricted travel rights. The Darker Nation will be treated as a permanent national security risk. 

The FBI's August 2017 Intelligence Assessment on "Black Identity Extremist Motivated to Target Law Enforcement Officers" is a case in point. When Congressional Black Caucus members asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to name one "black identity extremist" movement that killed law enforcement officers, he could not. Neither could FBI Director Christopher Wray. Need more be said?       

Whether Wasperica or any form of a white ethno-state becomes a reality remains to be seen. What's  indisputable is that Donald Trump is the vector that exploded the growth and influence of a fringe Alt-Right movement. White nationalism is the genie that got out of bottle. It cannot easily be stuffed back in. 

Forward to an Alt-Black​

History is now asking the Darker Nation a profound question; are we alert to the danger and challenges of our time?

The Darker Nation can dismiss the Alt-White as a few crazy politicians, Klansmen and white supremists, who will fade from the scene. We can hit the pause button and hope Trump will be impeached or defeated for re-election in 2020. That would be a fundamental misreading of the inflection point before us. 

The political surge of the Alt-White is real. We're behind, and have to play catch up. This is not the time for ethnic fatigue. The battle has already begun. We must engage or accept the consequences of inaction.   

Engagement means thinking anew, and preparing for struggle. It requires breaking with the "Tabernacle," (Civil Rights Establishment and Black Democrats) and their illusions about reforming a global capitalist system that rest on exploitation. We must reject the counsels of patience in confronting the Trump/Alt-White threat. 

Let there be no confusion, the rise of Trump and white nationalism is the shadow and the substance of American Empire in decline. The nation is trapped in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that cannot be won. It's global fight against terrorism has no end in sight. Challenged by China in Asia, and Russia in Europe, the Illuminati is in retreat across the globe. 

On the home front, Congress, the executive branch and both political parties are dysfunctional and corrupt institutions, bought and sold by the Illuminati. With each passing day, institutional decay, spiraling debt, and a faltering economy light up the dashboard in the White House Situation Room.  

America is on the precipice of political insolvency. We could be a few years or a few serious crises away from a political meltdown. All that Trump and the Alt-White can offer is casting dispersion for their demise on people of color, immigrants, Muslims, North Korea, Iran, and anyone the Illuminati designates as enemies of the state. 

We are passing through an era reminiscent of the early 5th Century, when Alaric and the Goths overran Italy, sacking Rome and burying its Empire in a common grave. Then as now, the barbarians are gathering at the Illuminati's gates.    

The Darker Nation's place is in the vanguard of the forces challenging the Illuminati. Now is the time to seek a path that re-defines our relationship to American Empire. Crossing the Rubicon requires us to embrace a new vision of ourselves. That new vision is an alternative Black point of view. 

Call it Alt-Black. Call it Alternative Black, or call it something else. Irrespective of what we call it, the BlackXit dialogue is more than an appeal for a different agenda or new program. The Darker Nation needs a cultural rebirth, a new liberating spirit that vibrates on the Black street, a new language that validates the majesty of our past and conjures a profound sense of hope in our future.  

The BlackXit dialogue is a call for exodus. We've arrived at a moment when we must vacate our current space and journey to a new environment. To power our awakening, we need to develop new political software. The logins and passwords to the future are fresh theories, critical analyses, artistic works, music and literature that animate the soul. We must identify new possibilities for Black life outside the boundaries of American Empire's project. 

In the BlackXit dialogue, everything must be placed on the table for discussion. As a political and cultural insurgency, everyone must be welcomed and encouraged to participate. Only through the process of dialogue and action, can we stimulate the collective genius and creative impulses or our people. 

The singular guiding principle of this dialogue requires that our efforts be based on independent initiative and self-reliance on the Darker Nation. Should we remain honest and true to ourselves, great days lie ahead. So lean forward. Let's elevate the conversation.   

                                                                "Who claims the dream? Who is waiting in
                                                                 the antechamber of history?"
                                                                 Harold Cruse, 1967 
                                                                            The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual 

January 1, 2018              

Twitter: @WBerberBrooks3

In January and February 2018, blackXit Blog will release four thought documents that invite more discussion about the future prospects of creating an Alternative Black political movement.

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The Alt-Black Manifesto, January 1, 2018