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Alt-Black.com is a social impact forum and organizing center to create an Alternative Black Nationalist movement.    

Alt-Black.com exist to build the cultural and intellectual foundations that can anchor and sustain an effective Black Nationalist political movement. 

By synthesizing the experience of the three Black Nationalist waves that occurred between 1850's -1970's, and analyzing the new and emerging revolutionary opportunities, we are creating a new Alternative Black Nationalist Project.   

The goal of this new Alternative Black Nationalist Movement is to prepare the Darker Nation to win self-determination, up to and including establishing a new independent Black national homeland on part of the continental United States land mass. 

Alt-Black.com's analytics project that American Empire--the imperialist leader of the Global North-based capitalist system --is in a state of decline and moving inexorably towards a governance crisis. 

This confluence of events could well create conditions that may be severe enough to facilitate a collapse of the existing governance structure. Under these circumstances unprecedented opportunities for Black Nationalists and other forces to create new societies could present themselves.  

The decline of American Empire has also given rise to a White Nationalist surge, anchored by the Alt-Right and enabled by the racist demagogue and autocrat Donald Trump. Thus we confront a situation that is unique to the American experience. 

As we  are entering a pre-revolutionary period characterized by  intensifying race-based cultural warfare, Alternative Black Nationalists are providing new analytical products, theories and thought leadership models. In doing so, we hope to create social, cultural and political alternatives for the People of a Darker Hue.  

The new Alternative Black Nationalist movement is a free association and open ended heresy. All members of the Darker Nation are welcomed to write articles, report news and produce analytical products under the banner of Alternative Black Nationalism.  

Alt-Black.com and Alternative Black Nationalists is not an organizational or party-building effort. We are a pluralistic cultural and intellectual movement, united around one central goal; preparing to create a sovereign Black homeland.   

For all those who agree with us,  we welcome you to Alt-Black.com, where the heresy gathers.      
Welcome to Alt-Black.com
Alt-Black.com Editor, W. Bernell Brooks 3rd 

Longtime political activist, W. Bernell Brooks grew to maturity in Detroit, Michigan. He attended Southern University, an H.B.C.U. in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Influenced as a kid, by the Civil Rights and Black Power movements, Brooks first became active in the African Liberation Support Committee's efforts to aid the struggles in Zimbabwe and South Africa in the late 1970's. 

Over the years, Brooks has became an active supporter of Independent political initiatives and candidates. He also maintained an intense interest in foreign affairs. Brooks was editor of the U.S.-Iran Peace Initiative, three years before the U.S.- Iran Nuclear agreement was signed. Brooks also edited  Brooks Foreign Policy Review for three years. His articles frequently appeared in foreign publications, newspapers and websites. Brooks also conducted numerous radio nterviews, on Black radio and talk shows, providing a unique foreign policy perspective. 

With the election of Donald Trump and emergence of the white nationalists movement, Brooks raised a new website, Alt-Right Trump Watch, in December 2016. The site provided analysis and research of what he called a threat of a new type, not seen in the modern American experience. 

Hoping to ncourage renewed discussion about the increased prospects of change for the Darker Nation as American Empire spirals into further decline, Brooks combined Alt Right-Trump Watch with a new site Alt-Black.com. The site called for a national discussion to weigh the prospects and wisdom of  forming a new Alt-Black movement. On January 1, 2018 the website Alt-Black.com was launched.   

Brooks and his wife, Melissa reside in Florida.

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the right of Self-Determination for the Black majority to decide if it wishes to establish a national majority Black homeland on the Cathedral's (America's) continental landmass. 

> Alternative Black Nationalists, while bound to respect the Black majority's decision on nationhood, expresses its preference for creation of a national Black homeland. In accordance with the historical creation of a Black nation in the "Black Belt South during the 19th Century, and current demographic realities, we support establishing a new Black republic in the proximate states of Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi and Georgia. A variety of configurations of contiguous states/territories could be supported as a Black homeland as well.  

> Alterative Black Nationalists hold that self-determination may also include Black autonomous regions of a larger multi-racial state, independent Black city-states, or the Darker Nation's voluntary full incorporation into a non-capitalist multi-racial state.

> Alternative Black Nationalists hew towards ethno-nationalism. We support the creation of an independent homeland for Latinx, Native-Americans, and all indigenous people living in U.S. Territories. We support cultural autonomy for Asian-Americans, if desired.

> Alternative Black Nationalists have no objections to a white homeland as long as it is not achieved at the expense of Latinx, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and the Darker Nation. This is matter of practicality, particularly if it means the avoidance of full scale race war.

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the right of self-determination of all oppressed people internationally, including waging "people's wars" to liberate themselves from foreign domination.

> We believe American Empire (the U.S.-led Global North imperialist bloc) has entered a period of accelerating decline that could lead to an existential crisis and the collapse of the U.S. government (The Tower). Under these circumstances, the possibility of creating a Black homeland becomes a live option. 

> Alternative Black Nationalism holds that the accelerating decline of American Empire has given rise to reactionary white nationalism, the Alt-Right, and a racist self-styled autocratic president.

> Alternative Black Nationalist believe we've entered a "pre-revolutionary period" that is characterized by intensifying race-based cultural warfare. We don't believe at this time the Cathedral (America) has converted to a fascist state.

> Alternative Black Nationalists believe the emergence of a self-identifying "Black Alternative Cultural Movement" is one of the most significant developments that is radicalizing Black culture and the Darker Nation as a whole. AfroPunk and Afrofuturist have been on the forefront of this outbreak. Supporting these radical and revolutionary artists is critical to developing a revolutionary Black Nationalist movement.  

> Alternative Black Nationalism asserts that a gender leadership shift has occurred within the Black Liberation Movement. The Women/Gender Queer leadership of Black Lives Matter, the growing strength of Black Feminist Movement, and radical Black women leaders in millennial-based Black resistance movements has resulted in the feminization of the Black Liberation Movement. ABN4W is concerned that male leadership in non-millennial-based Black Nationalists organizations, is behind the curve on these developments.  

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the full and unfettered participation of women in the Black Liberation Movement, especially in leadership positions. We are anti-sexist and oppose "gendered roles" for women. We condemn the epidemic of violence against women and teenage females. 

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the full involvement of LGTBQ persons at all levels within the Black Liberation Movement. We oppose all forms of discrimination and violence directed at this community.  

> Alternative Black Nationalism condemns racist ideology in all its manifestations.  

> Alterative Black Nationalism places the collective interest of the Darker Nation above the interest of the individual. As such, we dissent against the bedrock premise of America's constitutional republic and value system, which places the rights and the interests of the individual above all. ​

What Alternative Black Nationalists Believe