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The 2018 Elections: Was Trump's White 
        Nationalist Agenda Repudiated?
The 2018 Elections: Was Trump's White Nationalist Agenda Repudiated?

by Webster Bernell Brooks, III

In normal times, mid-term elections would be of passing interests to Black Nationalists. Not so in 2018. 

Rarely does a constitutional crisis foreshadowing impeachment, and a referendum on a sitting president's "white nationalist agenda" dominate an election cycle. Call it an anomaly. Call it an outlier. Call it crazy. But it happened in the 2018 midterms. 

On November 7, the bill came due on the chaos, corruption, racism and autocracy of the Sun King Trump. With Democrats taking back the House of Representatives, we're about to witness an unparalleled level of cutthroat partisan warfare that will likely result in bloodletting, political paralysis, and a government shutdown.   

The repelling of Trump's white nationalist project at the gates of America's suburbs was a monumental  defeat for the Sun King and the Alt-Right. While the center and left have focused on the political  manifestations of Trump's white nationalist agenda, it's most important dimension has been waging full spectrum race-based cultural warfare.   

The implications of how the impending constitutional crisis and cultural warfare could reconfigure the post-election political topography are enormous. This article briefly explores their broader dimensions.  

Suburban Repudiation of Trump's White Nationalist Agenda

Alt.Black.com's mid-term elections takeaway is that the growth and momentum of Donald Trump's white nationalist project has been stopped at the frontiers of suburban America. 

White suburbanites clearly linked Trump's overt racist rhetoric to the spike in white nationalists' asymmetric terrorist attacks. The multiple pipe bombing attempt and the mass murder of Jews in Pittsburgh's Tree of Life synagogue were the proverbial nails in the coffin. The sense that Trump deliberately incited chaos, kinetic warfare and racial animas for personal political gain was simply a bridge too far.   

Eighty suburban counties and cities, comprised of college-educated, high income voters cast more ballots for Democrats than Republicans, compared to the 2016 elections. Montgomery County, PA., Morris County, N.J., Delaware County, OH., Fairfax County, VA., and Cobb County, GA., were among 20 suburban areas posting double digit margins for Democrats. The numbers and the geographical footprint across the country marks a clear rebuke of Trumpist white nationalism. 

Whether White Nationalism could gain a foothold among suburban upscale and middle-class whites, was the  consequential test of the 2018 mid-term elections. In October, Alt-Black.com asked the question: Will White Suburban Women Voters Reap Trump's Harvest or Remedy Their 'Becky Situation?' As predicted, they were  up for the challenge.   

Those arguing that reproductive rights, and outrage at the rampant male chauvinism Republicans displayed at the Kavanagh Supreme Court hearings spurred white suburban voters against Trump, have a valid point. 

"The Heresy" at Alt-Black.com would simply say that White Nationalism is profoundly "Manosphere." They believe low reproductive rates among whites is accelerating their descent to becoming a national racial minority by 2044. As for the Republican Party, there is precious little support for women's reproductive rights.   

For now, the core of Trump's social base hewing toward white nationalism are "lower and moderate-income whites. They tend to be more rural than urban/suburban, more southern and mid-western than bi-coastal, and less educated rather than more educated. Together they account for roughly one-third of the nations white population.  

Although Trump's nationalist project was repulsed at the suburb's edge, he won the civil war in the Republican Party. The Sun King moved the GOP from being mostly a party of white religious and political conservatives to being a white nationalist and nativists leaning party. His hostile takeover of the Republican Party was largely successful.  

Hovering on the Republican Party's perimeter is the Alt-Right--many of whom are not political activists. They have been consolidated as an independent social base for white nationalism with the Sun King's blessing.

Should white nationalism become enrooted in the Cathedral's predominately white suburbs, Trump's support base could easily encompass almost two-thirds of the nation's white population. That would pose a far more daunting challenge for Black Nationalists. 

Having said that, we're not naïve enough to believe we won't ford this stream again with the white middle-class. Historically, they have not been stable allies. When times get tough, the white middle-class vacillates--ultimately betraying our interests as well as their own. Why many of them voted for Trump in 2016 is not something we can simply dismiss. But that's a discussion for another day.

The point is that gaining sympathy or even achieving friendly neutrality among the white middle-class for issues critical to our quest for self-determination, will be a complex back-and-forth struggle.  

The Constitutional Crisis and Impeachment?

With Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives, Donald Trump immediately fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and appointed a bootlicking crony to run the Justice Department. 

Signaling that he'll employ any authoritarian measure necessary to decapitate Special Counsel Mueller's investigation, blow up the Justice Department, and legally challenge any criminal indictment as unconstitutional, Democrats have little choice but to impeach Trump. Even so, there's no guarantee he will be removed from office.  

We're now moving into a period that is unique to the American experience. The entire nation knows we're on the cusp of a constitutional crisis. Yet, there appears to be no remedy or exit strategy to escape the partisan bloodletting on the horizon. 

Irrespective of how damning the evidence of criminal wrongdoing may be against Trump, Republicans are  committed to block his removal from office at all costs. They fear their white nationalist constituents more than the Sun King. To dissent against or defect from 'Camp Trump' is to face an irrational mob back home. At his post-election press conference, Trump called out Republicans by name that refused to kiss his ring and lost their seats. It was gangland extortion, pure and simple. 

Even if Republican's don't break ranks, Trump will still call his supporters to the street barricades to defend him. From his warped perspective, these supporters bear allegiance to him, not the Republican Party.   

Donald Trump is a classic autocrat. The more tenuous his position as president becomes, the more he will threaten national violence, riots, stock market crashes and economic collapse. His vendettas and targeting of members of the media, private citizens and even businesses that don't toe the line, will become more pronounced. 

This is the price that will be paid for his removal from office. He will lay the blame at the feet of Democrats and Republican traitors. Over the next two years, low-intensity sectarian violence cannot be ruled out in the environment that the Sun King is cultivating.  

Next Steps for Alternative Black Nationalists

For Black Nationalists, Republicans losing the House of Representatives, and the blowback against Trump's white nationalist cultural enterprise provides us with a brief, but important respite. Trump's incessant, multi-pronged attacks against the Darker Nation since 2015, placed us on the defensive. 

At the same time, the Black fightback and resistance movement has grown. While direct action under Black Lives Matter has cooled over the past two years, Black youth and millennials have been on the front lines of the anti-gun violence movement, anti-Klan/Nazis activities, and the Women's March/Me Too movement. 

Receptivity to radical ideas is on the upswing among our youth, even among first time voters. In particular, more Black youth and millennials are swinging toward left populism and Democratic Socialist poles. These breakout movements are presenting Black Nationalists with new opportunities to influence fresh forces awakening to political struggle.  

Since Alt-Black.com was launched in January 2018, to articulate an Alterative Black Nationalist vision, we've released a series of articles that attempt to identify new opportunities  to expand Black Nationalists' influence. These articles focused on Black millennials, Black Women, Black Feminists, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialism, Transgender Identitarians,  Never Again (Anti-Gun Activists) and the Black Alterative Culture Movement. 

We believe the Black Nationalists movement is behind schedule, based on the scope and speed that developments are unfolding. We have to re-tool our agenda, build our theoretical house, and above all expand our street presence. 

The 2018 elections counterattack has slowed the Trump white nationalist juggernaut, but not for long. It's afforded Black Nationalists a brief interregnum to regroup and conduct strategic assessments. Now is the seedtime of Black Nationalism.