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Blacktopia: ​For an Independent Black National Homeland 
From the 1850’s to the radical upsurges of the 1960’s, Black Nationalists were the vanguard force fighting to create independent Black homelands. In the 1800's they succeeded in establishing liberated colonies of slaves and freeman in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nova Scotia, London, and Trinidad, but not in the Cathedral (America). Our revolutionary legacy of exercising self-determination on behalf of the Darker Nation now hangs in the balance.  

Today, the ranks of self-identifying Black Nationalists forces are numerically small, and scattered in various locations. Our ability to significantly influence events is limited. Increasingly, in the post-Black Power era, the goal of creating a Black nation (Blacktopia) has been relegated to the periphery of the Darker Nation's political discourse. Even among movement sympathizers, nationhood is regarded more as a utopian ideal, than a real possibility. 

Still, Black Nationalism and the specter of a Black homeland is poised to make a comeback. The New Afrikan People’s Organization (NAPO) and Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) are two organizations that are fighting to keep the legacy alive. 

Their 'Jackson-Kush Plan,' calls for building a base of autonomous power in Mississippi concentrated in Jackson  as the capital of a five-state Black Republic (The Black Belt South). The ongoing 'Cooperation Jackson' plan, conceived in-part by former Jackson Mayor Chokwe Lumumba embodies NAPO/MXGM's "theory of change." The theory focuses on organizing and empowering the structurally under and unemployed sectors of the working class, particularly from Black and Latino communities, to build worker organized and owned cooperatives as a catalyst to democratize the economy and society overall. 

The Jackson-Kush plan and it's theoretical construct are worthy of study. In the interregnum before the coming storms, the Darker Nation needs to develop more models of cultural, political and economic power that can be transferred to a future nation-state.      

Alt.Black.com (The Heresy) was launched in 2018, to articulate an Alternative Black Nationalist perspective--one that unapologetically supports resurrecting the demand to create a Black homeland as the animating theme of the Black Nationalist project. 

To those who believe establishing a Black homeland is romantic folly, we take the opposite view. What constitutes genuine folly is believing the Darker Nation will be ever be fully vested citizens with equal opportunities and rights under American imperialism. 

Our desire to live free from systemic racism, to walk the street or drive a car without fear of police brutality--or even to freely vote for that matter--is a pipedream. The Cathedral will not evolve into a post-racial egalitarian society. The Darker Nation will always be the “other;” alienated second-class citizens with provisional rights, subject to extra-judicial measures and naked terror when necessary.  

What is more probable is that as American Empire declines, its institutions decay, income disparity widens, racial tension mounts, sharp economic downturns occur, and opposition to U.S. imperial wars grows, the Cathedral will spiral into an existential crisis. 

Under these circumstances, multiple crisis scenarios are possible. Race war, constitutional crisis, economic collapse, authoritarian rule and outright fascism may all be on the table. Depending on the confluence of events, the prospects of winning a Black homeland becomes a real possibility.  

That being said, Trump and the Alt-Right are mustering their nativist legions. They are also waging race-based cultural warfare on a scale not seen in decades. These are active measures to marshal forces and cultivate an atmosphere that justifies taking draconian actions to subdue dissent and resistance. 

With the racial divide sharpening, it must be said that any race not taking its own side in a racial conflict doesn’t believe it’s people are worth preserving. If Black Nationalists won't stand for the Darker Nation, who will? 

That task does not fall to those enamored with integration. It does not fall to those who would rely on the courts or the Democrat Party. In the face of racial aggression, to outsource the fate of the Darker Nation to others, is to commit an act of suicide. Black Nationalists must convey to the Darker Nation that we are alert to the present danger. 

As Alternative Black Nationalists, we believe the right of the Darker Nation to establish a Black homeland is non-negotiable. We are historically a captive nation, bought here against our will, and have never been presented with the option to collectively exercise self-determination.  

As stated in our previous article 'Toward Alternative Black Nationalism,' exercising self--determination can take many forms or a combination of forms. The choices depend on the organizational and political strength of Black Nationalist forces and the Darker Nation's demands. 

Self-determination can be achieved by establishing an independent Black Nation state on the Cathedral's(America's) continental land mass. It can also include creating Black autonomous regions, reparations, independent Black city-states, or full partnership in a multi-racial state. 

Any attempt to exercise self-determination must involve serious consultation between the Darker Nation and its nationalist leadership. “The Heresy” has a clear preference for the creation of an independent sovereign homeland, irrespective of its size. 

We have never possessed a state of our own in North America. The power of our culture, the scale of our genius, the horizons of our creativity and the depths of our moral capacity for societal transformation are still unknown to us. 

In a culturally and racially homogenous Black homeland, the organic nature of our community will be revealed to us in full flower. We have the workers, the business leaders, the scientists, the engineers, the educators, the artists, the medical personnel and every human resource we need for greatness.  

"The Heresy" is not blind to the difficulties or the odds of success in founding a new Black nation. But the hallmark of our journey in the Cathedral has been our ability of overcome adversity. Furthermore, we would not be alone. Who has forgotten how Black people across the planet celebrated in the streets when Barak Obama was elected President in 2008?

Imagine the support a Blacktopian Republic would receive from the African diaspora. Our visa entry office would be overrun by Black intellectuals, professionals and workers from around the world, willing to sacrifice all to help build an independent Black homeland. And if “Blacktopia” ultimately failed, it would be on our terms, and of our own account. We gladly accept that challenge.     

Unlike some Black Nationalists, “The Heresy” hews towards an ethno-nationalist pole. We welcome  expanded Native American and Latinx sovereign homelands, should that be their choice. 

Realpolitik also dictates that Black Nationalists may have to tolerate a White Nationalist North American homeland. 'The Heresy' can live with that, as long as a white homeland is not achieved at the Darker Nation's expense. We are not offended that there are those who want nothing to do with us. We say good riddance.  Flee from us, as far and as fast as you can. 

Alternative Black Nationalists would also uphold territorial partition and gradual population transfer to achieve  homeland status. A Black homeland cannot exist without real defensible borders. A partition along current state borders may not accommodate the best options to create a Black nation-state, which must include substantial coastlines and sufficient aviation corridors for international commercial flights.   

A partitioned continental America that envisages independent, sovereign homelands for the Darker Nation, Whites, Latinx and Native Americans, doesn’t have to exclude voluntary multi-racial and multi-ethnic homelands in different regions of the country. There will be millions of people who want to live in a multi-racial region, while others would simply want to remain in their homes. For this reason, population transfer policy will become a critical issue.    

Within the Ethno-Nationalist strain, the right to political sovereignty or autonomy is upheld for every distinct ethnic group. However, ‘The Heresy’ disagrees with some Black and White Nationalists on two issues. First, we reject the notion that ethnic, cultural, and racial diversity necessarily degrades distinct identities. 

Second, we don’t believe diverse societies--in and of themselves--create hatred and violence. Typically, capitalism and other oppressive systems, thrive on fostering class, racial, national, and gender differences. It is an essential tool to maintain their rule.  

To be Black Nationalists in the Cathedral (America) is to be condemned as a racist hate group, and these days a terrorist organization as well (FBI’s new ‘Black Identity Extremist’ designation). Nevertheless, ‘The Heresy’ states for the record that we don’t hate white people. Neither do we believe most white people are racists. 

We are, however, realist. And the reality is that the rise of Trump and the Alt-Right demonstrates that there are more than enough nationalist-leaning whites who can easily be manipulated to engage in a race war to destroy the Darker Nation. Moreover, how many other whites will idly stand by while the Tower (U.S. government) constructs a dungeon of “soft apartheid” or slow genocide. 

The closer America edges to the year of racial reckoning, when the Cathedral is no longer a majority white country, more whites will be consumed by fear of a Black and Brown planet. We call it the 2044 Syndrome.    

As for terrorism, we don't need to destroy America to establish a Blacktopian state. American Empire is already in a state of decline and careening down a path of self-destruction. In the midst of an existential crisis, the decision to use violence to suppress the Darker Nation would be the Fountainhead's (the U.S. imperialists ruling classes) decision, as would the Darker Nation’s decision to respond in kind. As power concedes nothing without a struggle, we can anticipate the ruling imperialists classes’ response.

Alternative Black Nationalists stand for an independent sovereign Black homeland. It is our hope that everyone in the Darker Nation that rallies to the standard of Black Nationalism weighs the issue of nationhood with sober reflection. 

We don't want anything from America. Not its sick, violent, misogynistic culture. Not its commodification of everything from women, to basketball shoes, to sex. We reject its genocidal wars against the Global South, and its fake democracy--the most corrupt election system corporate money can buy. We dismiss the U.S. Constitution as nothing more than a slaveholders document. We don't believe in America's  blood-soaked flag or its racist national anthem. We have a flag and an anthem of our own.  

What Alternative Black Nationalists want, is out!  What we seek is exit.

Blacktopia: ​For an Independent Black National Homeland
by Webster Bernell Brooks, III