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Black, Young and Radical? Jackson, Mississippi's Revolution Calling  
If you're a Black cultural or political rebel looking to engage on the frontlines of our liberation struggle,  Jackson, Mississippi--the most radical Black city on the planet--is the place to be. 

If you believe Black people should be the decision leaders in our communities, creating sustainable economies that we own and serve our needs rather than the appetites of corporate vipers, it's going down in Jackson now.  

If you’re a Black artist, sculptor, playwright, poet, writer, musician or performer interested in working with artists whose cultural works are shaping new identities, and stretching the Black imagination to envision new frontiers, Jackson has a cultural community for you.  

If you want to take a leap into the future where the Black community is developing a network of worker owned, democratically run co-op enterprises in 3-D printing, recycling and composting, solar power housing initiatives, and more, it's happening in Jackson.  

If you want to be a pioneer in the Black “Food Sovereignty” movement, working with Jackson's Freedom Farms cultivating urban food gardens, facilitating urban-rural food product exchanges, and linking these efforts to local grocery co-ops in Jackson, they have hit the floor and are running in Jackson.  

If you want to be involved in the most innovative environmental strategies to develop zero-waste, zero-carbon cities, Jackson is on the threshold of new environmental vistas.  

If you want to learn revolutionary theory and practice from some of the leading Black Nationalist thought leaders in the country, then you need to check out the Cooperation Jackson movement.  

If you want to be part of this historic movement, in one of the Blackest major cities in America (Jackson 80%), in the Blackest state in the country (Mississippi-38%), with a leading Historical Black College (Jackson State University), and a Black-run city government, consider finding your way to Jackson.                                                                                                                                                                                  If you want to be part of the most revolutionary project to establish a political and strategic base area in the struggle for Black self-determination and a Black homeland, Jackson is the place where the models and prototypes of the future are being built today. 

A hundred years ago, Blacks surged out of the South in the "Great Migration" to northern cities to escape Jim Crow and seek gainful employment. New York City emerged as the political and cultural Mecca that birthed the Harlem Renaissance and the Garvey movement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Black migration has now been reversed engineered. Our people are retuning to the historic homeland where our nation was born: the Black Belt South. The political and cultural foundation for a new renaissance movement and the resurgence of Black Nationalism has been laid by dedicated activists in Jackson. Now is the time to expand and deepen this revolutionary experiment.         

On behalf of Alt-Black.com and the Alternative Black Nationalist movement, we support and endorse the efforts of all the organizers, supporters and friends of Cooperation Jackson: the vision holders of self-determination and a future Black homeland. A link to their site can be found on our homepage.  

Black, Young and Radical? Jackson, Mississippi's Revolution is Calling