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Alt-Black.com's 1st Year Report
January 1, 2019, will mark the 1st Anniversary of Alt-Black.com's website launch. On behalf of our contributors, we thank all visitors and readers who joined us in our maiden voyage to create an Alternative Black Nationalist Movement. 

As 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalists, we're riding the historical currents effectuated by our predecessors: Martin Delaney, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and the Black Power tsunami of the 1960's. The course we're charting to win self-determination and create a Black homeland requires a synthesis of these past nationalist waves with today's Black millennial "resistance awakening." 

The 50-year generational divide we're attempting to bridge between Black Nationalists, whose political moorings and organizations originated in the sixties, and the Black millennial resistance, is partly rooted in the debate over the correct lessons to draw from the shortcomings of the Black Power movement. 

Overlaying this generation cleft are the cultural sensibilities of Black millennials that differ in significant ways from the sixties Black Nationalist experience. This soft fissure finds expression most acutely on matters related to women's issues and gender identity. Reconciling this generation gap is one critical issue among many we began addressing in our first year.

Alt-Black.com's central task in 2018, was "testing the waters" to determine the potential of rebuilding the Black Nationalist Movement by capitalizing it with thoughtful cultural and intellectual products.  

Our overriding concern was ensuring Black Nationalists possess a solid theoretical foundation that explains why creating a future Black homeland is a real possibility, and the most desirable outcome for the Darker Nation. Our inability to argue these two points persuasively, reduces the quest to achieve a Black homeland to a utopian fantasy, and ultimately failure.

In the first eleven months of 2018, our questions regarding the potential for an Alternative Black Nationalist trend to help renovate the theoretical foundations of Black Nationalism has been affirmatively answered. In addition, our efforts to press forward are animated by advances we made in three critical areas.  

First, we've erected the base architecture of a distinct  4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalist trend. A listing of the defining characteristics of ABN4W's political and ideological orientation is included at the end of this report. It is not exhaustive, but represents the scaffolding of an enlarged Black Nationalist project. 

Second, in 2018, we generated analysis of various political trends, and identified opportunities for strategic  engagement. Some of these trends include Black Lives Matter, the Black Feminists Movement, Social Democracy, the #MeToo/Women's Movement, Black Millennials, Antifa/Anarchists, #Never Again Anti-Gun Violence Youth Movement and the Anti-Fascist Resistance Movement. In 2019, analysis of these trends and other forces will be explored in further depth.

Alt-Black.com also featured articles and websites associated with the outbreak of the self-identifying "Black Alternate Culture Movement," led by AfroPunk and Afrofuturist artists, writers and musicians. This evolving cultural breakout percolating on Beale Street (Black main street) has far-reaching implications for accelerating the Black Nationalist Movement in general, and our trend in particular.  

Third, a small but significant readership has began to coalesce around Alt-Black.com's website. As of November 30, 2018, Alt-Black.com's pages received 4,871 visits. Building on this momentum, we are excited to announce our recommendations for expanding our alternative universe in 2019.  

Call to Expand the Influence of 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalism in 2019

Beginning in December 2918, "The Heresy" is calling for a one-year campaign to expand the reach and influence of 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalism.

This "popularization campaign" in 2019, has two specific goals. First, drawing the Darker Nation's attention to our insurgent breed of Alternative Black Nationalism. 

Second, we need to find creative ways to trigger the Darker Nation's imagination about creating a Black homeland. The Darker Nation's response to Black Panther and visions of Wakanda, was not just the stuff of Hollywood's of slick special effects and clever tinsel town marketing gurus. It tapped the organic impulses of Darker Nation's soul.    

There is a special need for a volunteer (s) to set up a message board or central portal where Black Nationalists and interested parties can post articles and comments on the burning issues of the day. We need an open free-wheeling public space to collectively vet ideas and bounce things off one another.   

Establishing Email networks and Twitter campaigns are important tools to help us spread the word. All articles appearing on Alt-Black.com that are attributed to our writers, can be re-posted and/or redirected by email and Twitter. We encourage the use of hashtags that can be associated with our Alternative Black Nationalist community.    

Individuals and organizations should feel free to adopt new slogans for our movement, develop unique logos, symbols, flags, shirts, and caps that capture the enthusiasm for Black nationhood. The common theme of our messaging is encouraging folks to check out and join our new trend of 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalism. Even traditions like Black History Month can take on the trappings of "Alternative" Black History Month. In 2019, the idea is to create open public space for our trend.  

We Are a Movement: Not a Party or Organization    

The key to expanding our influence in 2019, is to remember that Alternative Black Nationalism is a movement. It is not a party or an organization. It doesn't belong to anyone. It is our collective intellectual property. 

In particular, we want to stress that Alternative Black Nationalism is not in competition with today's existing Black Nationalists organizations. To the contrary, we proudly serve as a resource to the entire Black Liberation Movement.   

That means everyone is a responsible free agent. Within our Black Nationalist trend, we believe in pluralism, the diversity of viewpoints and giving voice to creativity. What binds us together are the things we believe in. 

Listed below, you will find a listing of the core beliefs that have emerged as touchstones of 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalism. They should be viewed as guidepost on the path we are traveling, and not doctrinaire constants to be adhered to. 

What 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalists Stand For

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the right of Self-Determination to decide if the Black majority wishes to establish a national Black homeland on the Cathedral's (America's) continental landmass. 

Alterative Black Nationalists hold that self-determination can also include Black autonomous regions of a larger multi-racial state, independent Black city-states, or the Darker Nation's voluntary full incorporation into a non-capitalist multi-racial state.

> Alternative Black Nationalists hew towards ethno-nationalism. We support the creation of an independent homeland for Latinx, Native-Americans, and all indigenous people living in U.S. Territories. We support cultural autonomy for Asian-Americans, if desired.

> We have no objections to a white homeland as long as it is not achieved at the expense of Latinx, Native Americans, Asian Americans, and the Darker Nation. This is matter of practicality, particularly if it means the avoidance of full scale race war.

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the right of self-determination of all oppressed people internationally, including waging "people's wars" to liberate themselves from foreign domination.

> We believe American Empire (the U.S.-led Global North imperialist bloc) has entered a period of accelerating decline that could lead to an existential crisis and the collapse of the U.S. government (The Tower). Under these circumstances, the possibility of creating a Black homeland becomes a live option. 

> Alternative Black Nationalism holds that the accelerating decline of American Empire has given rise to reactionary white nationalism, the Alt-Right, and a racist self-styled autocratic president.

> Alternative Black Nationalist believe we've entered a "pre-revolutionary period" that is characterized by intensifying race-based cultural warfare. We do no believe the Cathedral (America) has converted to a fascist state.

> Alternative Black Nationalists believe the emergence of a self-identifying "Black Alternative Cultural Movement" is one of the most significant developments that is radicalizing Black culture and the Darker Nation as a whole. AfroPunk and Afrofuturist have been on the forefront of this outbreak. Supporting these radical and revolutionary artists is critical to developing a revolutionary Black Nationalist movement.  

Alternative Black Nationalism asserts that a gender leadership shift has occurred within the Black Liberation Movement. The Women/Gender Queer leadership of Black Lives Matter, the Black Feminist Movement, and radical Black women leaders in #MeToo are dominating the millennial-based Black Liberation Movement and growing radical women's movements. ABN4W is concerned that non-millennial-based Black Nationalists organizations, particularly male leadership, is behind the curve on these developments.  

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the full and unfettered participation of women in the Black Liberation Movement, especially in leadership positions. We are anti-sexist and oppose "gendered roles" for women. We condemn the epidemic of violence against women and teenage females. 

> Alternative Black Nationalists support the full involvement of LGTBQ persons at all levels within the Black Liberation Movement. We oppose all forms of discrimination and violence directed at this community.  

> Alternative Black Nationalism condemns racist ideology in all its manifestations.  

> Alterative Black Nationalism places the collective interest of the Darker Nation above the interest of the individual. As such, we dissent against the bedrock premise of America's constitutional republic and value system, which places the rights and the interests of the individual above all. 

A Final Thought​

2019 will be a decisive year for 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalism. This campaign to raise the profile of our trend, reflects the urgency of the moment. In the course of spreading the word about our emerging Black Nationalist trend, it is important to distribute the principles and beliefs as broadly as possible. They will begin to establish our identity and provide a valuable source of feedback. 

We have said on many occasions this year that organized Black Nationalist forces are lagging behind the pace of events. We have some catching up to do. This effort is designed to start closing that gap for us and all Black Nationalists forces.

In probing the frontiers of Black Nationalist theory, we seek to solve the equation Professor Harold Cruse posed in 1967, in his seminal book "Crisis of the Negro Intellectual," when he said, "The Black intellectual must acquire knowledge about his Black historical antecedents and create a new synthesis and social theory of action." 

2019 - Taking 4th Wave Alternative Black Nationalism To Beale Street​