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Will White Suburban Women Solve Their Becky Situation in 2018 Elections
Tarana Burke, Stop Giving Your Power Away to White Folks
Intersectionality: A Marxist Critique

Trump's Birthright Citizenship Not Just Another Ploy
Economic Depression and the Economic Crisis
What to Do About South Africa's Economy
Predictive Crime Algorithims For Black Youth

October 2018

White Nationalist Anti-Immigration Attack on Jewish Synagogue in Pittsburgh
Fighting Fascism: The New Communist Movement 

September 2018
Trump: Case Study of a Soft Coup and Regime Change
A Socialist Southern Strategy, Viewpoint Magazine

August 2018
Why Cincinnati Black Lives Matter Changed its Name
White Nationalism Has Always Been Mainstream

July 2018
The Tragic Death of the Black Liberation Collective
The New Jewel Movement and the Grenada Revolution
Which Black Community Will Inherit Harlem's Renaissance Legacy 
Ask a Feminist
The Trump Doctrine and the Gender Politics of Power

June 2018
The Democratic Party is White Supremist Too
The Black History of Latinos
White Latino Racism on the Rise
Solving the Problems of the Revolution
Are Hispanics & Latinos Becoming the New Whites
Where Have The African Intellectuals Gone?

May 2018
Garrison America & the Threat of Global War 
Black Panther: This is Not The Movie We Deserve
Blood Black Dispersal From America's Cities
Can Brazil Conjure Africa's Ginga Spirit to Win 6th World Cup? 
Janelle Monae What Afro-Futurism Can Teach Us

April 2018
Sexual Assault & HBCU's
Immigration: Proxy War of the Alt-Right
The Soft Coup to Remove Trump From Office
Why Donald Trump Will Pardon Jack Jackson
Revisiting Black Nationalism & the National Question

March 2018
Geeks for Monarchy: The Rise of the NeoReactionaries
Cooptation of the African National Congress
Coates VS West: A Necessary Debate
Black Panther, This is Not the Movie We Deserve

February 2018
FBI's Phantom "Black Identity Extremists" (BIE) Designation
Bannon Vision: The Prophet of Economic Nationalism
The Dark Art of Trump's New Deal With Black America
The First Trial of a "Black Identity Extremist"
Trump Inc. - A Queens Tale

January 2018
Detroit 67' None Dare Call it Insurrection
How to Build An Autocracy
The Archive Center